Force Killer EA | MT4 Forex Robot

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Force Killer EA | MT4 Forex Robot
Force Killer EA is a Forex robot optimized for the EURUSD pair. Its operation is based on three powerful indicators.
It opens buy and sell trades with pending orders. After being executed, they are automatically managed to get the best
profits in the market while at the same time minimizing the risks by having stop loss in each trade.

Although it does not use martingale, it can accumulate several open trades at the same time, so you must be very careful
and have the right balance to withstand the big market fluctuations.

It is recommended to use only the EURUSD in the M1 time frame, with a minimum balance of $2000. Results may vary for other
currency pairs. The attached indicators must be copied into the mt4 data folder for proper operation.

Minimum balance of $2000
ECN Broker with low spread
MT4 Account
VPS (Recommended)
Force Killer EA ex4

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